Your purpose at Monumental is “code craftsperson.” You bring our collective strategies, concepts, and one-dimensional designs to life.

Ideally you will have had experience at an agency building websites for clients. You will typically own a project's development from start to finish and will be in constant communication with the design team to discuss potential approaches to interactions and animation. You appreciate design and believe that your role impacts design; that anyone involved in creating a digital product is, on some level, a designer.

Your day to day is spent tackling everything from small changes to existing codebases, to building out an entirely new website, informing and collaborating with the design and strategy teams to create a better Web experience for all.


  • You have past agency or freelance experience in a development role.
  • You are able to balance multiple projects at a time, ensuring quality and timeliness across your tasks.
  • You always take initiative to check in with leadership early in order to meet technical requirements.
  • You are a master on your Mac, using shortcuts and apps to make your life easier.
  • You are proficient in HTML, CSS/SASS, Liquid, and JavaScript.
  • You have a perspective on developing across viewports and prefer a mobile-first approach.
  • You can measure up tasks as written against the outcome and assert whether it was done properly (QA).
  • You speak and write clearly, remaining approachable and friendly within a loose boundary of grammatical correctness (you use proper punctuation, but your personality comes through, y’all)..
  • You are always reassessing your approach to development and offering up how we might do better next time.

The majority of our clients are on Shopify, and this role requires knowledge of Shopify beyond the basics. If you aren't deeply familiar with Shopify, this probably isn't the job for you.

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We are looking to build a tight-knit, diverse team. If you feel this post could be rewritten to be more inclusive, please let us know!