Your purpose at Monumental is “conductor.” You may not have written the music, but you make it breathe life.

You must have the outcome in mind while also keeping each contributing part in check so that the symphony comes together successfully.

You provide critical oversight and maintain the common goal by increasing knowledge, communication, and awareness between team members and our partners. Ultimately, it is your job to make sure we don’t drop the ball, and that means evaluating risks before work begins, and minimizing their impact if things happen along the way. This role also requires that you sign off/QA work completed, ensuring only the highest quality product and service is delivered to our partners.

Your day to day is spent delegating resources and tasks and following up to make sure they are on target, planning additional milestones and tasks, and assisting with overall scheduling of projects. You’re also responsible for compiling reports for our partners which may include time spent, tasks completed and upcoming, analytic data and other insights.


  • You have past agency experience in a PM or Accounts role.
  • You are able to balance multiple projects at a time, ensuring quality and timeliness from proposals and SOW writing, discovery through design, development, and delivery.
  • You always take initiative to check in with team members early in order to meet project requirements.
  • You are a master on your Mac, using shortcuts and apps to make your life easier (Alfred snippets, anyone?).
  • You have generated processes in the past that can serve the goals of the team and our partners and continue to evolve them—but it’s more about people than spreadsheets.
  • You love data and can navigate your way around Google Analytics like the back of your hand.
  • You speak and write clearly, remaining approachable and friendly within a loose boundary of grammatical correctness (you use proper punctuation, but your personality comes through, y’all).
  • You notice details others typicaly miss.
  • You can measure up tasks as written against the outcome and assert whether it was done properly (QA).
  • You are always assessing projects during and after, and offering up how we might do better next time.

The majority of our clients are on Shopify. If you don't know Shopify, not a deal breaker. You should know that you'll eventually need to be able to speak to it though, which will require time and effort on your part to study up.

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We are looking to build a tight-knit, diverse team. If you feel this post could be rewritten to be more inclusive, please let us know!