We’re looking for someone studied in creative technology to fill an important role in our growing agency.

Ideally you will have had experience in all aspects of development (call it full stack, t-shaped, or whatever; we see that eyeroll and tip our hat) as you will be leading Monumental's development team. You'll be prescribing what is or isn't possible to clients and your counterparts, so it's important that you're able to clearly communicate ideas in a way they might understand. You appreciate design and believe that your role impacts design; that anyone involved in creating a digital product is, on some level, a designer.

Ideal experience

  • Building high-quality web experiences
  • HTML, CSS/SASS/OOCSS/etc., JavaScript
  • At least one server-side language such as Ruby
  • Using and building APIs and 3rd party integrations
  • Bonus: ARIA/accessibility attributes
  • Bonus: Shopify platform and Liquid templating
  • Bonus: Shopify planning and implementation

Your personality

  • Technophile and curious problem solver at heart
  • Established perspective and drive to do things the right way
  • Take initiative in researching best practices and processes
  • Enjoy collaborating with designers and other developers
  • Delegate with ease, providing clear direction and goal setting
  • Create and enforce standards and mentor junior developers
  • Willing to dig in to help Monumental grow and build a team

The majority of our clients are on Shopify. If you don't know Shopify, not a deal breaker. You should know that you'll eventually need to be able to speak to it though, which will require time and effort on your part to study up. Aside from that, you'll be leading our company and clients into the future of development. Sound like a plan?

Apply now

No recruiters, please.

We are looking to build a tight-knit, diverse team. If you feel this post could be rewritten to be more inclusive, please let us know!