Shopify is the right tool for ecommerce.

Known for its versatility, reliability, and low barrier to entry, Shopify is the best ecommerce platform out there. Trust us–we’ve tried the others. Shopify is fully hosted, widely integrated, and easy to manage and extend. And with Shopify Plus for high-volume and enterprise merchants, there’s no reason not to make the switch.

Monumental Partners

We love Shopify

We have been working with Shopify since 2011 and Monumental was the first Shopify Plus Expert in Oregon–hand picked from thousands of Partners to begin offering expert design and development services specifically for Plus stores.

24-hour support

With Shopify’s top-tier support team, a dedicated Launch Manager, and Success Manager post-launch on top of our team, Monumental and Shopify have your back.

Infinite scalability

Shopify’s robust servers and DNS can handle thousands of orders per minute. There’s no limit to your bandwidth, staff, product, or sales.

Deep integration

Avalara Tax Management, along with other Shopify Plus specific apps, makes Shopify Plus a hub for your enterprise ecommerce needs.

Premium design

We are able to stretch custom design across the entire customer experience. With Shopify Plus, checkout truly becomes your brand's own.

Shopify Scripts

Offer specific incentives at checkout to customers whom you value–and who, in turn, up the value of their purchase. Tiered pricing, flash sales, new customer discounts, etc.

Built for it

Flash sales, seasonal spikes, and mobile-friendly aren't just fluffy concepts mentioned to talk up the platform; Shopify Plus was made for the modern ecommerce store.

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Looks good, works great

Monumental builds themes to spec based on your goals and technological requirements, applying our branding and digital design expertise to Shopify in order to build customer trust.

We develop to Shopify’s theme standards for stores ranging from a handful of SKUs to tens of thousands. And when data starts rolling in, we analyze and adjust, winning potential conversions.

I want a custom design

Plug in, sync up, ship out

Shopify boasts an app ecosystem with thousands of top-tier integrations with the platforms you use daily. When an integration doesn’t yet exist, their versatile API allows us to meet you where you are.

We’ve created custom checkout experiences and custom apps for product comparison, wholesale pricing, and other integrations to make your store management more automated and efficient.

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“It has been the utmost pleasure working with Monumental. Out of any partner, developer, or company we have had interactions with, you are by far the most organized, communicative, and capable.”

Seth Brown