To be creative, you must first be attentive.

We believe that personal attention and regular communication lead to better results. We make decisions rooted in data, and have a broad, holistic perspective. We take the work seriously, but not necessarily ourselves.

Our projects don’t end at launch. We continue measuring and analyzing data to prove and improve. This requires a team that knows you well and cares enough to tell you when it’s time to change it up.

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Services that cover all of your needs.

We know that when you need creative work, its rarely just one aspect of your business that needs help. By focusing on a more holistic approach to design and development we are able to assist your business at every level. Whether you are just starting out and need a complete brand package or simply need some custom development, we're here to help.

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We work across your digital and traditional platforms to engage your customers and promote loyalty to your brand.

User Experience Design

User Experience Design

User experience matters. Our UX strategies are built to meet your customer’s needs and support your business goals.

User Interface Design

User Interface Design

In today’s highly competitive market, the way your product looks is just as important as the way it behaves.

Product Design/Marketing

Product Design/Marketing

From discovery through development, we provide the insight and resources to help steer your product.

Web Development

Web Development

Our development team is tailor-fit to your project and can guide you toward building a solid foundation for your digital endeavors.

Shopify Partners

Shopify Partners

Whether you’re starting from scratch or you simply want to add custom functionality, we can show you the best route.

Our Team

Rob Alan

Rob AlanFounder & Creative Director

Rob has been designing digital experiences since the beginning of the new millennium. Late night design and coding sessions in a dorm room led to an internship at a small web studio, where he worked his way up and eventually held the Creative Director title. They say when you become senior enough, most careers transition to sales. These days, Rob oversees new business and accounts, creative and technical direction, and all the other general ongoings at Monumental.

He enjoys the outdoors, has a love/hate relationship with home remodeling projects, and wants all the juicy, hazy IPAs.

Jeremy Pair

Jeremy PairUX/CX Strategist

Jeremy's creativity and critical eye developed as a visual merchandising stylist, creating and optimizing product displays for Saks, Macy's, and GAP retail and headquarters. He brings that history and a love of digital UX to every project, empathizing with customers and helping our partners define their goals and our approach to accomplishing them. He is an incredibly talented photographer and enjoys using light to his advantage to create stunning stills.

He's a Dodgers fan, devours good pizza, enjoys psychology and philosophy, and is a Friend of the Pod.

Juma Stevens

Juma StevensFront-end Developer

Juma leads our technical execution with finesse and ambition. From vanilla JavaScript, to Vue.js and all the goings with, he is a code craftsman in every sense. Prior to changing career paths and learning front-end dev, he was focused on photography and videography and uses that experience to take a more creative approach to the technical side.

He enjoys hiking, a dark and stormy stout, kombucha, and contributing to the greater development community.

Kiersta Sze

Kiersta SzeDesigner

With a background as a talented photographer (notice a trend?), Kiersta applies her keen sense of framing and movement to create visual design that is beautiful and unique for each of our partners. She draws inspiration from travel, food, community, and architecture, and thoroughly enjoys when a design calls for vibrant color or illustrations.

She enjoys delicious coffee, hot yoga, travel, hoarding books, and discovering new vegan restaurants with her husband.

Carlo Barajas

Carlo BarajasDigital Marketing Specialist

Carlo is passionate about capturing the nuances of a brand's message and communicating them in a way that is both engaging and compelling. His background in sales and psychology are complemented by his data-driven approach to marketing, allowing for a blend of creative and analytical solutions to meet customer acquisition goals.

He enjoys exploring hidden Portland, location independence, sipping good whiskey, and continued learning.

Interested in working here?

We are growing and are looking for people who believe in making a difference for their clients. If you live in the Portland area (or are going to), we’d love to sit down for some tea. Or whiskey, if you prefer. Or beer, if that’s your flavor. Monumental is a collaborative, ego-free environment where we focus on creating quality work.

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