Establishing a new law firm focused on law advocacy for creatives & startups.

When Attorney Gabe Levine was referred to Monumental by another favorite client, we jumped at the chance to work with him. Gabe was preparing to leave his firm and strike out on his own to serve his base in the creative and startup scenes. Groundwork Legal was Gabe’s working title and we loved it. Now it was up to us to bring it to life.

  • Branding
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Web Development

Discovery through conversation.

We began our process by spending two days with Gabe, learning every detail we could about his goals in starting his own practice. We knew that he was very familiar with the challenges creative studios, agencies, and freelancers face. And having spent years in the Bay Area, he understood the unique cultural, technical, and regional nuances that challenged startups as well.

Gabe’s experience in laying the, ahem, groundwork was obvious and his affinity for Marin County and the beauty of California in general set the tone for our approach.

Brand mission

Groundwork Legal exists to serve technical and creative industries with legal counsel and advocacy. Providing proactive asset protection and prevention of business disruption.

Brand Core Values

By identifying values that represent Groundwork Legal, we established the tone for the brand that would soon come to be: Quality, Integrity, Direct, Strong, and Smart

Brand color palette

In the spirit of keeping the brand design timeless, we utilized a darker and more desaturated color palette paired with punchy hues that help keep it modern within the legal realm.

Brand Typography

Rather than the staid serifs common in the industry, we opted for timeless sans-serifs known for their fidelity on all viewports. The clean look aligns Groundwork with their target audience.

Following through, it was time to create both the physical and digital representations of the brand.

Creating business assets

Extending the brand beyond the logo, we created standard business assets that bridge the physical and digital—reinforcing the brand at every touchpoint. This was especially important for a business that is widely referral based.

Creating an online presence

As Groundwork’s client base is a highly creative and aesthetically-attuned bunch, it was important to create a website that would appeal to them. We designed and developed a fully responsive site with small interactions that make the website a pleasure to view.

Groundwork Legal is sure to evolve. We’ll be there for the ride.

We thoroughly enjoy building relationships with our clients, so our work continues for Gabe through an ongoing maintenance plan we call Guide Service. He is able to make requests and know that we’re standing by to help continue refining and pivoting Groundwork Legal for success.

We helped Groundwork Legal build their brand. How about yours?

“Rob and his team at Monumental are rockstars. I wasn’t really sure what I needed at times, but they always had a solution.”

Gabe Levine

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