Digital, shareable flashcards for the modern student.

Students today still use study methods stuck in the pre-smartphone age. Flashcards regularly become lost or damaged with everyday use, but being able to quickly and non-destructively read through flashcards anywhere helps keep them top of mind.

  • UX Design
  • UI Design

Designing for a one-handed experience.

We quickly observed that students don’t have both hands available for finger acrobatics. Whether they are holding their morning coffee, textbook, or taking notes, they are often doing more than one thing at a time. This presented a unique challenge in creating UI elements that allow for multitasking.

Onboarding new users quickly and effectively.

Fast and simple experience

As with all new apps, getting people to actually use it after downloading it can be a challenge. We designed simple features and functionality to make it intuitive and easily understood by new users so that they picked it up quickly and made the app a part of their every day.

Three tier organization

In order to keep all flash cards tidy and easy to navigate, they are tied to a subject. Every subject contains decks that organize the flash cards into even further grouping.

Swiping for speed.

In order to allow students to study at a moment's notice, we employed techniques such as swipe gestures. Doing so allowed students to get from subject to flash card in three seconds.

The power to easily prepare for tests and exams.

We thoroughly enjoyed making studying fun and easy in Inflash. The design team focused on creating a big, bright, and fun UI. Creating tests that were easy to start and rewarding to complete increased the likelihood that a student would test themselves in the future.

Creating a one-handed iOS app presented unique but fun challenges.

Designing an experience for this specific user base–always pressed for time or attention–made our team consider the hundreds of scenarios students find themselves in everyday.

In the end we created an experience that is snappy and fun to use.

We helped InFlash design their first mobile app. What can we do for you?

“The final product is beyond what I imagined the simple app could become. We couldn’t be more excited to launch.”

Stephen Jaynes

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