Creating a memorable shopping experience for a rising streetwear brand.

When a true sneakerhead started manufacturing eyewear to accompany popular sneaker releases, LOOK/SEE was born and the streetwear community took notice. After working together on a related project, they approached Monumental in search of an online store just as unique as their frames.

  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Shopify
  • Web Development

A niche market calls for special attention.

LOOK/SEE founder, Kyle, came to us with a nearly finished brand and marketing assets, and a general concept for the website. We took the hints and ran with them. Just as important as the desktop experience was the ability to reach shoppers on mobile. As potential customers browsed their favorite sneaker sites, they could move seamlessly into purchase mode.

Minimal for a reason

LOOK/SEE's product and marketing photography was already excellent. Starting with their sunglass line, we developed a custom theme based on the brand work that showcased the product. Affordable and stylish optical frames were added later to fully meet their market's eyewear needs.

Namesake pride

Each LOOK/SEE optical frame shares a name with someone involved in bringing the business to life. If you purchased a frame, you may be wearing Rob Alan (our very own founder's namesake frame). No longer available on the website, we're guessing they sold out quickly…

Using the best tools for the job.

Quality admin

Shopify's simple admin panel made it possible for LOOK/SEE to quickly gain complete control over their storefront to curate specials, receive prescription information for RX lenses, and more. They also use Shopify POS in their brick and mortar location, tying all sales to one management interface.

Synced up sales

Using Shopify Payments and Shopify POS means LOOK/SEE enjoys no transaction fees on their plan, and a better rate for credit card transactions. They are able to manage all of their inventory in one place, whether the product is in their showroom in Northwest Portland or available only online.

We helped LOOK/SEE develop a store as unique as their product. Can we help you?

“We've worked with Rob for over 5 years. Not only has he been able to deliver on the technical development of our site - he also designed a beautiful digital experience for our consumers as well.”

Kyle Yamaguchi

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