Giving the gift of everything we love from the Pacific Northwest.

Parcel creates stunningly unique gift collections, curating products from Portland and the Pacific Northwest and packing them together in fabulously simple and thoughtful boxes.

Unhappy with the limitations of Squarespace Parcel founder and owner, Kim, reached out to Monumental to see how switching to Shopify could provide more flexibility and opportunity for customization.

  • UI Design
  • Shopify
  • Web Development

Making the switch from Squarespace to Shopify.

Adding features, finding and adding new plugins, and even the most basic updates were major pain points causing hours of frustration on Squarespace, and Kim needed a much more robust admin panel to provide measurable data.

She also wanted to give customers a way to ask about custom box orders and view their order history. The lynchpin was creating private collections for corporations so they could log in and place an order from their exclusive catalog. After discussing the changes Kim wanted to make, the benefits of Shopify became even more clear.

Minimal for a reason

Parcel's presentation via crisp photography was already excellent. We felt that it should be the shining centerpiece of their website. We customized a base theme to the Parcel brand and made each page cohesive within. By focusing on the product we stayed true to the brand.

Quality admin tools

Shopify's simple admin panel made it possible for Parcel to quickly gain complete control over their storefront to curate specials, create draft orders for custom gift boxes, add new Shopify Apps that help improve their workflow, and more. They finally can focus on running their businesses instead of their CMS.

Elegance and design on Shopify.

A rush before the rush

With the holidays fast approaching, Kim wanted to move to Shopify ahead of the shopping dash. We were able to spin up a new Shopify store and design directly, drastically reducing the time from our first meeting to launch.

Room to grow

With the move complete, the design finished, and custom development done, we can look toward the future. On Shopify, Parcel can scale up as the business does (a likely occurrence given the wide appreciation of everything PNW).

We helped Parcel make the effortless switch from Squarespace. Are you next?

"I honestly dreaded switching website platforms, but the experience was collaborative and easy. The Monumental team provided helpful guidance and ensured that the new site met the long-term needs of my growing business."

Kim Moran

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