About Us

You may have caught onto our Forest Service/backcountry/hiking vibe. In fact, the name Monumental is a nod to the gigantic and unstoppable forces of nature. The dormant volcanoes and ancient forests that have stood through storm and calm. The cliff sides carved by ice and rushing water. It's less about who we are, and more about how we see you: as unstoppable. A force of nature. As monumental.

If there's one reason why we do what we do, it's this: we absolutely love helping others and watching them reach their potential. We're in it for results and meaningful relationships. As a good friend and advisor of ours says,

Business is just a relationship that involves money.

We're not the flashy type. Can one do award-winning work without seeking awards? We'd like to think so. Our clients choose us because we're friendly, responsive, pragmatic, we know Shopify, and we get the job done. At the core of our mission is an empathetic, mindful perspective on design and agency services. That means, quite simply, we embrace our humanity and keep the real live people on both sides of the experience we're creating top of mind as we solve problems together.

We're committed to using business as a force for good. We donate at least 1% of every project to social or environmental change initiatives. We currently using our contribution to fund carbon removal.

Our Team

Our core team may be small but we're powerful, with wide-ranging skills in commerce, content strategy, interactive design, front- & back-end development, brand development, and project management. We're the talented, agile — and best of all, friendly — team you've been looking for.

Robert Alan

Founder & CEO

Rob started creating for the web when tables dominated HTML, and Flash was all the rage. He has spent nearly two decades delivering strategy, design, and development for agencies and businesses alike, of all types and sizes.

Rob is OG when it comes to Shopify, having been sought out to join the Shopify Partner Program back in 2011. His expertise doesn’t end with Shopify, and forms the foundation for Monumental’s work. These days, his role includes UX/UI design, new business and accounts, and other general administrative ongoings at Monumental.

He enjoys the great outdoors, has a love/hate relationship with home-remodeling projects, and wants all the juicy, hazy IPAs.

Elizabeth Newell, J.D. ("Birdie")

Process & Account Manager

Elizabeth has been managing people, projects and processes across a variety of industries for most of her career. In her decade working in corporate law, she became an expert on advising companies on a wide range of general business matters, including startup issues, governance, finance, and commercial contracting. Her attention to detail and quick mastery of operations led to time representing some of Portland’s largest companies — including NIKE, PGE, and Banfield Pet Hospital — while also playing a major role in the evolution of the Portland-based explosion of small craft businesses that contributed to the now multi-billion dollar handmade industry.

Elizabeth is a life-long seeker and learner who loves untying knots, both literal and figurative. She’s currently enjoying quarantine home dance parties for two with the love of her life and watching British competitive reality television with her teenage son.